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At Tone , we’re proud of our great products and exceptional customer service. We employ an amazing group of professionals who are passionate about what they do and are always ready to help out. Get to know the people who make the difference below.


Rachel Chan Mazariegos

The Bride

Born in Guatemala with Chinese-Mexican roots, I'm a Neuropsychologist working in Hong Kong who is passionate about celebrating life's special moments and traditions. I love a good dress-up and planning memorable parties, and now, helping you capture the heart of your event with our Audio Guestbook. Ready to create some unforgettable memories?


Sean James Miller

The Groom

Hailing from Scotland and calling Hong Kong home, as a Drama and Theatre teacher working at an international school here in Hong Kong, I am always up for a good costume party! My wife sparked the idea for our Audio Guestbook at our wedding, and we are excited to bring this innovative way to capture memories to your special events. Storytelling is a huge part of theatre-making, and we are glad we can help your guests leave their own stories for a very personal audeince. 

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